hacked save request/ please gamespy id add me :)

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hacked save request/ please gamespy id add me :)

Post by BLACKOUTBLOOD on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:42 pm

Hey guys i really need this game save made.
could someone please make it for me?
my gamespy id is BLACKOUTBLOOD
please add me:)

I would like…
everything unlocked/all medals
1Col Serra’s Riffle
2Sniper riffle
3Lvl 3 health
4lvl3 Speed
5lvl3 capture

1homing missiles
2hero clusters
3IG-88 dual riffles
4lvl 3 health
5lvl 3 speed

1IG-88 dual riffles
2turbo laser strike
3lvl 3 health
4lvl3 speed
5Serra shotgun

1Sniper riffle
2turbo laser strike
3 Serra riffle
4 lvl 3 health
5concussion missiles

1IG-88 dual riffles
2concussion missiles
3lvl3 health
4lvl3 speed
5auto repair vehicle

All with jedi order insignia
All teams with Colors shadow black and dark slate

Thts all!!! Please and thank you


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